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Alexander Kuepper

"I just fitted my 1974 German specs Honda DAX ST70 with the 6V CDI conversion Kit that I bought from this seller site here in January... What can I say, It fit perfect / plug and play with the supplied harness and ignition plate that is specifically made for each model bike, and the performance is AWESOME! As it starts first kick EVERYTIME with a well adjusted carb, it runs much crispier and had a mutch better throtle response right away, than the very well adjusted / allmost new (NOS) stock mechanical Honda ignition that I had on my bike before the upgrade with this 6V CDI. This upgrade is about the best "bang for the buck" performance and reliability investment You can make for Your 6V Honda engine, Really!! Thank You very much also for the awesome support as I had some technical questions before hand. Your ignition really makes the entire engine tuning set up run like a beast now, perfect burn of the fuel. You can even jet the carb a little bit richer now, because the fuel gets burned so well compared to the points 6V system with only one spark per cycle."

Zen Mechanic

"This 6v CDI ignition from OHTOKC is something different. The only thing you have to swap is your stator plate. The pickup is integrated in the light coil. So no need for external pickup. And maybe the best thing of all: you don’t need to make any other changes in your electrical system. It runs with you own flywheel and it generates your normal 6v. Only thing you have to start looking for is a spot where to put the CDI-unit. The CDI-unit does advancing for you, so even if you have a non advancing flywheel, you will get advancing with this conversion!

I have made a few test rides with this ignition and I am quite enthusiastic! It starts easy and the torque seems more equal from low to high RPM."


Read the full review here.

Denny Villemure

"Another ohtokc happy customer. I bought this bike with weak spark a while ago. I bought ALL of the parts I could from various vendors. New spark plug, new plugwire/coil, New points, new stator. All wiring verified but still a weak weak output. It would light up a test light but not spark a spark plug. I threw all of that stuff in the trash and KC shipped me the CDI kit with LED setup. I FB messaged him. He sent me a Paypal invoice immediately to my email. I paid it immediately. A few days later he sent a video of him testing the unit. It was at my door in Michigan a few days later. Installed quick (kind of, I used a chisel to remove my old stator plate) and finally I get to ride this bike! Thank you!"

Hector Chavo

"Just wanted to say THANKS! The service I just received from you guys was TOP SHELF and some of the BEST I've ever experienced!! I definitely wasn't expecting anyone to reply and follow up with me on Christmas day... At best I was expecting next business day. (It was Christmas and family time is the most important) Not only did you reply, you took care of the purchase, sent a video of the part being tested and I just received my part. I will recommend you too all I can and YOU HAVE ALL MY BUSINESS! That type of service has been lost over the years ! Definitely have to take care of those who take care of us! Thanks again brother and best wishes!"

Mitch Assenmacher

"After not getting spark on one of my ATC 70 because points are dumb, I turned to Kc Ooi for his CDI conversion kit. After buying this ATC not running, this was the first time I've heard it and it runs better than my other one with points ignition. Talk about a difference maker and not to mention the part made it to me in roughly a week from Malaysia. Thanks Again! Might just buy another CDI conversion for my ATC."

Chris Liegl

"Gotta give a shout out to an outstanding seller Kc Ooi. I ordered this CDI conversion through his Ebay store and within 2 hours I had a video of my CDI being bench tested and going into the shipping box with my details. Delivered to my house in less than a week from overseas and worked excellent straight out the box." 

Andrew David Brite

"You have exceeded the customer service by ten times. The best communication from anyone I've dealt with for any product l've purchased on anything. I wish all everyone was a thorough and easy to work with as you."

Steven Simon
"Great follow through and fast shipping...This works great! I installed this on my Honda 70HK0 that has the Mitsubishi set up. Fits perfect and it started up first kick. No more fighting to set points. Plugs into the original harness perfectly. This is the place to buy!!!"

Andrew David Brite
"I recently did one with the same experience. I've never seen such prompt customer svc. And just a few days from Malaysia. Pretty wild really. Started up second pull."

MikenHeather Olsons

"I finally found time to get my bike running with the new ignition system and it works great! I'm very pleased with your kit. Thank you!"

Colin Robertson
"I have one on my 84 works perfect from first pull after fitting and never had any problems with it. Very easy to install, just plug and play. No more points to mess around with."

Andy Bryant
"I bought one as I had no spark with the points, and the bike probably sat 20 years or more, installed it and it threw of a big blue spark and fires up every time now."

Jason Betten 
"I have purchased a lot of automotive parts including harnesses and stators and have never gotten a video of the part being tested before. That is fantastic customer service. I will certainly be coming back to you for more products as well as sending a few more customers your way."

R.E. Cheek

"I don’t know how it was done, but the cdi kit arrived this afternoon.  That’s 2 days. That was fantastic shipping. You set the example for how business should be done. It will be on the bike tomorrow."