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Our Story

OHTOKC BIKES PARTS STATION came from humble beginnings. The founder always dreamt of intertwining his passion for motorcycles into business and ultimately founded OHTOKC with the aim to provide solutions to fellow vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. He has spent years of time and effort on research and development to build the electronic ignition system to convert Contact Point Ignition to Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI).


Originally founded in Kedah, Malaysia, OHTOKC has experienced growth over the years and moves into global markets. Through word of mouth among riders and supporters, OHTOKC has gained global recognition for its brand.


We take pride in our reputation for affordable prices, top-notch customer service, after-sales technical support and cutting-edge technology which allow us to take the next step forward by expanding our brand offerings to customers across the globe.


We are dedicated to maximising customer satisfaction and view each time you contact us as a chance to build a relationship. We hope our fair customer approach differentiates us from the pack and speaks to how serious we are about putting our customer's satisfaction as our number one priority. For us, customers always come first and we do our best to make sure each and every one of our customers has an experience which is exemplary of our brand. 


As we continue to grow, we remain focused on improving our existing products and developing new, innovative solutions for the market. We welcome feedback from our customers and are constantly looking for ways to improve our level of service and enhance our product offerings.


Thank you for choosing OHTOKC BIKES PARTS STATION as your partner in your passion for vintage motorcycles.